Dural Rugby Walla Tag Season 2017


Walla Tag is a 9 week competition run on Friday Nights with Finals for most teams held on the final week.

Walla Tag is played on Friday Nights during the Summer Season at Bernie Mullane Complex.  The Competition runs for 9 weeks from Friday 13 October 2017 through to the finals being held on Friday 8 December 2017.

We will run the competition using the 9 Walla Tag fields on the top 3 ovals at Bernie Mullane.

please also read the information Under the the Menu Selection – Registration

Dural Rugby Club established Walla Tag as a fun, non-contact summer sport played on Friday evenings at Bernie Mullane Complex for both boys and girls including mixed teams from the ages of 6 years through to 17 years. We strongly encourage mixed teams in the older age groups.  Hills Council has changed their regulations on Ground Usage and we are only allocated Grounds from October through to December.

Season Dates: Friday Evenings 13 October 2017 – Friday 8 December  9 Week Competition with finals in the last week ie Friday 8 December 2017.

Location:  Bernie Mullane Complex, Marella Ave Kellyville.

Registration: See Registration Page

Age Group:  At the start of the season, the playing age group is based on the start of the year.  If you are born in 2002 you are playing in the U15’s.  See the Registration Page for the age groups.  The age group is based upon the oldest person in the team.

Costs: The registration cost of $90 per player covers you for insurance and a 9 Week Competition of Walla Tag which is played on Friday Nights from 5:30pm at the Bernie Mullane Complex in Kellyville. The BBQ and Canteen are open all night.

Game Times:  See the Draw for the game times – select Draw from the Walla Tag Menu on our web site.

Laws of the Game: Walla Tag Rules Season 2017   Rules have been updated for Season 2017.  Please ensure that you read the rules.

Clothing and Equipment:  Dural Rugby will supply tags, shirts and footballs.  All players must wear their allocated current season Walla Tag T-Shirt.  Players to supply their own appropriate shorts/pants.  Appropriate footwear (as per the rules) MUST be worn.  Players can not play without shoes.

Wet Weather:  In the case of Wet/Bad Weather Dural Rugby Club will make a decision based upon the Bureau of Meteorology information and the status of the grounds and the safety aspect for all players, parents and organisers.  The Dural Rugby committee reserves the right to cancel games if they believe that it is in the best interests of the players and officials to do so.

Ground Status can be obtained from The Hills Shire Council web site http://www.thehills.nsw.gov.au/Venues/Find-a-Sportsfield/Sportsfield-Wet-Weather-Update   or wet weather information line on 9843 0354.  Please DO NOT call staff at the Bernie Mullane sports complex as they do not have control over, or any information on ground closure.

Facebook and Team App will be updated if Walla Tag is called off.

Communication:  All communication is via Team Managers only and Team App which is available to all Managers, Parents and Players.  The Team Manager will distribute the information to their own team.   We are continuing with Team App this year.  It is available for download http://teamapp.com/app.  Open the App, create a login and password and you will have access to the communications.  Only Managers can request access to the Manger Group.  

Just a reminder if your phone is not compatible with the Team App, then bookmark the Team App  website for the access to the same information. You will have to sign up (just like the App) https://duralrugbywallatag.teamapp.com/

The Draw:  The draw will be published on the Dural Rugby website under  Walla Tag, Draw and on Team App with notifications on Facebook.

Score Board:  The score board will be updated each week and displayed on the Cork Boards each Friday Night of Walla Tag.

Conduct:  Players and spectators are required to adhere to the Australian Rugby Union Code of Conduct for players, team officials and spectators. Teams that do not behave appropriately or who have supporters that behave inappropriately may be excluded from the competition without refund. We particularly look to managers to assist us in this regard.

Forfeits From time to time we understand that teams may not have sufficient numbers to play. When this occurs, please advise us as soon as possible so we can advise your opponents. Teams that forfeit without giving reasonable notice or forfeit on two occasions may be excluded from the competition without refund. The rule allow 8 players per team on the field. A minimum of 6 players are necessary to avoid a forfeit. A team that has 6 players MAY use a maximum of two registered players from a younger age group to make up 8 players. A team is playing players up is not permitted to have reserves.

Referee Abuse:  Our referees are mostly young people doing their best to allow you and your children to play. Dural Rugby adopts a zero tolerance towards referees abuse. Under NO circumstance may anyone enter the playing area to argue with or question the referee.  Swearing at referees is considered abuse.
Should you have a problem with a referee, please speak with one of the adult supervisors present at the ground.

Unregistered Players:  Teams are not permitted to play unregistered players under any circumstances.  Teams found to be playing unregistered players will not receive any competition points for that round.  Repeat offenders may be excluded from the competition without refund.  Managers who wish to complain about unregistered players should complain to an ADULT supervisor as soon as possible. Do not wait until after the game as we are often unable to follow up that matter at that stage.

Injuries & First Aid:  The First Aid Officer is located on the top field between the two fields.  Ice is located at the BBQ.  In case of a serious injury please contact an adult supervisor who will provide assistance and call the First Aid Officer.  Dural Rugby recommends that all players have private health insurance and wear mouth guards when playing.

Coaches on the field: The U6 teams can have their Coach on the field for the entire season.  The U7 teams can have their Coach on the field for the first 4 weeks.  No other age groups can have a Coach on the field.

Finals Night (last night of competition):  All teams competing will play in a grand final night (with the exception of any groups which have a Bye).  Competition winners will receive a trophy and runners up will receive a medallion in a presentation after the game.

Social Media Policy:  Ensure that you are familiar with Dural Rugby Club’s Social Media Policy.

We trust that you enjoy your season with us

If you have any problems please speak to one of our Adult officials.

We look forward to seeing you around the ground.