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Welcome to Walla Tag

Walla Tag is played on Friday Nights during the Summer Season at Bernie Mullane Complex, Marella Rd Kellvyille.  The Competition runs for 9 weeks from Friday 13 October 2017 through to the finals being held on Friday 8 December 2017.

We will be using the 3 full fields at the top of Bernie Mullane which equals 9 Walla Tag fields as Council have dug up Bernie Mullane fields 1 & 2 (Walla Tag 1-6) and these are not scheduled to be back in action by the Start of Walla Tag.

Registration has closed.  The competition is full.  Thank you to everyone who registered.

  • Check out the Menus under Walla Tag for all the Season Information and Registration Information for this 2017 Season.
  • Competitions have been finalised and Draws have been published.  These are located under Walla Tag, Draws/Competition
  • A reminder that only registered players can take the field and participate
  • All enquiries to your Manager please.
  • Competition starts on Friday 13 October at Bernie Mullane Complex
  • All Managers must have access to Team App.  

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