Dural Rugby Club strongly recommends that all players have Private Health Insurance.

The ARU has arranged the ARU Sports and Injury Liability Insurance Plan on behalf of our member unions, their affiliate unions, clubs and referee associations. All participants (Players, Coaches, Officials) must be registered with the ARU in order to obtain coverage under the plan.

Brochures will be distributed to all players and a copy placed on this web site in our resource library. These brochures will be handed out with the following message from Gow Gates Insurance Brokers:

“As with all insurance the policies contain limitations and exclusions. A broad outline of the cover is provided in the brochures and the club has on hand (in the administrators manual (which will be located in the Refs Room at Dural Park) a full policy document for referral if required, referral can also be made to the ARU’s web site for full details of the insurance. The Medical Expenses section of the insurance is not a substitute for Private Health Insurance and it is recommended that all players and officials take out separate Private Health Insurance. Top Up Insurance is also available.”

Please click on the following link for all the information regarding policy details, information and claims.

Gow Gates ARU Insurance Plan

This web site has all the information that you need and a phone number if you need to talk to someone.

One of the forms requires the Secretary’s signature.  The parent/guardian should complete the whole form and email through to our Secretary, who will then fill out the declaration section and return it to you.  Our Secretary details can be found under Committee listing.

Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers Telephone Number is 1800 811 371 email – rugbyins@gowgates.com.au

Serious Injury Form

Complete form for any player with a head or neck injury that results in treatment at a hospital or medical centre and for any player admitted to hospital as a patient.

This does NOT include players taken to an Emergency Department and then allowed home.



Concussion Guidelines
The ARU has put together a very informative information page on Concussion.  Go to http://www.rugby.com.au/tryrugby/Administration/ConcussionGuidelines.aspx for the up to date information.

Using this link you will be able to access the pocket Concussion Recognition Tool, Concussion Guidelines, along with the resources listed.

It must be noted by all that any Junior player (ie under 18s years of age) who suffers concussion is unable to return to contact training or matches until a minimum of 14 days has elapsed since they were symptom free.  A Dr MUST clear a child to play or training before they will be permitted to resume.

ARU Concussion Guidance
Concussion Guidelines for Parents


Concussion Guidelines updated for 2016

World Rugby and ARU Recognise and Remove message incorporates 6 Rs

  • Recognise – Learn the signs and symptoms of a concussion so you understand when an athlete might have a suspected concussion.
  • Remove –  If an athlete has a concussion or even a suspected concussion he or she must be removed from play immediately.
  • Refer – Once removed from play, the player should be referred immediately to a qualified healthcare professional who is trained in evaluating and treating concussions.
  • Rest – Players must rest from exercise until symptom-free and then start a Graduated Return to Play.  The recommendation is for a more   conservative return to play for children and adolescents.
  • Recover – Full recovery from the concussion is required before return to play is authorised.  This includes being symptom-free. Rest and specific treatment options are critical for the health of the injured participant.
  • Return – In order for safe return to play in Rugby, the athlete must be symptom-free and cleared in writing by a qualified healthcare professional who is trained in evaluating and treating concussions.  The athlete completes the GRTP (Graduated Return to Play) protocol.